Jordi - Singer/Songwriter

Jordi was born in the quaint town of Albion, Michigan. There she spent years being cultivated by a racially and socially diverse community, riddled with close friendships and extended family. She often attributes her ability to fully accept others as part of what she learned in the community she grew up in.

Another part of that cultivation was grounded in the realm of music. Born into a family of singers and musicians, it became apparent that her relationship with the beloved art was inevitable. From a very young age, peers and family alike recognized that there was an enormous gift inside waiting to be realized.

It was not until 2008, when Jordi decided to follow her mother, Gwendolyn Greene, to the Pacific Northwest that the gift so talked about and anticipated, finally had the environment necessary to manifest. In winter of 2010, Jordi was introduced to Drs. Barry and Shawn Lenhardt , founders of Living Life By Design and International Life Center, they taught her the importance of identity, purpose, God’s original intent, righteous consciousness, empowered versus disempowered states, emotional intelligence, grace, how to pursue life, how to become truth, and much more. With their guidance, she was able to allow herself to think as a Kingdom citizen, worthy of life and worthy to administer it. With these revelations in hand, the gift that was given from before the foundations of the earth became immensely obvious. Jordi knew, and knows, that she is called to transport the frequency of heaven to earth as was preordained by her Father, God; the author of all things.

Jordi has been blessed to use the gift of song to communicate the heart and intentions of God in a very powerful way. It is her express desire to live a life of praise and worship and to create a sound that continuously elevates the Kingdom of God


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